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Oracle Approvals Management (AME) Case Studies for AP, PO and HR

by Susan Behn – November 2017

 E-Business Suite User Management SIG – User Access Requests and Approvals

by Susan Behn – September 2017

EBS Proactive Support Tools

by Susan Behn – June 2017

Re-Implement in R12 – Just DON’T Do It! What we’ve learned the hard way

by Susan Behn – April 2017

Approvals Series – EBS Approvals List Creation, Limits, and Rules

By Karen Brownfield

Grants That Provide Secured Data Access AND Enhance System Administration

By Susan Behn and Karen Brownfield

Workflow Performance Tuning in Release 12

by Karen Brownfield – October 2016

EBS User Management for Dummies – Current requirements and features including Grants, Permissions, RBAC and Proxy users

by Susan Behn Friday –  July 2016

EBS – OAF Personalization Examples – great rewards with low effort

by Susan Behn Friday –  July 2016

Patch Proactively With Patch Wizard 

by Karen Brownfield– Feb 2016

Workflow Setups That Make a Difference

by Karen Brownfield– Feb 2016

Advanced SLA: Creating and Testing Custom Sources

by Karen Brownfield – Feb 2016

Even more Forms and OAF Personalization Examples-2015

by Susan Behn – September 2015

Prepare for the Fusion Security Model by Understanding Role-based Access Control in R12

by Susan Behn – September 2015

Flexfield Value Set Security and New Proxy User Features in 12.2

by Susan Behn – July 2015

BI Publisher and E-Business Suite R12: The Basics of Customizing Delivered Templates

by Naren Thota and Rhonda Stonaker – February, 2014

Customization Reduction with Forms and OA Framework Personalizations R11i/R12

by Susan Behn – April 2011

Expand your world with the Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Extension Pack

by Rhonda Stonaker– July 2013

Licensed OBIEE, now what?

by Naren Thota

Migrating Oracle Discoverer Over to OBIEE: Lessons Learned

by  Naren Thota – October 2013

OBIEE 10g/11g Performance Tuning Options

by  Naren Thota

Oracle BI Applications (BI Apps) 11g With ODI – A Path Forward From BI Apps With Informatica

by  Naren Thota

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition – An Implementer’s Insight

by  Naren Thota

R12 Patch Wizard for Sysadmins and Functional SuperUsers

by Karen Brownfield– June 2014

R12 Payables Upgrade: Like for Like and Then Some

by Karen Brownfield– July 2014

R12 Surprises in User Management, Function and Data Security

by Susan Behn – July 2014

Reporting and Business Intelligence Options and Roadmap for Oracle E–Business Customers (Release11i and Release 12)

by  Naren Thota

Rev Up your Revenue Recognition with EBS R12

by Karen Brownfield– July 2014

Ten More Forms and OAF Personalization Examples – Version 3…Updated for R12.2

by Susan Behn – July 2014

Ten New Forms and OAF Personalization Examples for R12.1

by Susan Behn – August 2013

The R12 Upgrade Surprises – What will Catch You Off Guard

by Susan Behn – March 2014

Workflow Troubleshooting in R12

by Karen Brownfield– July 2014